Monday, July 30, 2012

Stick A Fork in It

Thanks to all of the members of the unguild for the kind words of encouragement.

I finished my friend Adina's quilt.  I was able to sew like the dickens to get it ready for this year's NJ State Fair August 3-12.

I can hardly wait to see it hanging in the rafters in the Richards (Blue) Building.  Please come out to see it. ~ksp


  1. Kelli - it looks fabulous, as we knew it would! Your friend will be blown away. Love it.

  2. Good for you - Adina is lucky to have such a good friend! I'm sure it will help cheer her up - the colors are great. Hope to see it at the fair - like you I'm a city person and have never been to a state fair. Sounds like an adventure!


  3. Hi Kelli. I went to the fair today and made sure to go see your quilt - it looks great! I don't know if you heard the judging results yet - if not, I suggest you check. (Congrats) What a wonderful gift for your friend.


  4. Thanks for all of the well wishes and support. @Caroline, I did go by today and jumped up and down for joy at winning two first place ribbons. I couldn't contain my happiness.

    It's been a very rewarding project. ~ksp

  5. Kelli--words are not enough to convey the joy I get just looking at this piece. It has inspired me! Awesome, and please bring those well-deserved ribbons to tonight's meeting (and next month's when I can actually see them)! I was away during the fair, but hope to join you in next year's efforts.


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