I returned from Boston so inspired by the to Boston with love flags!

Here is a link I have made to see many photos from the exhibition....You can
view my shared photo stream on the web:
To Boston with love

It's hard to try and capture the inspiring feeling of hope from all the beautiful 
flags quilters have made from all over the world .... I tried snapping many pics!
Hope you get a good feel of the delight from all your creativity.....It was 
wonderful!! If yours is not in my photos I will bring my ipad to the next 
meeting and you can scroll through the many pics I have.... 
NJ was wonderfully represented thanks to you.

There were many television interviews as well as articles in newspapers... 
Here are a few links:

A heartfelt thank you for your beautiful contributions to such a meaningful show.
Janita ( and Berene :-) )