Monday, May 13, 2013

Next meeting Thursday, 5/16/13

Hi all - 

We are back to meeting on the 3rd Thursdays of the month - so our next meeting is:

Thursday, 5/16 at 7:00 PM at Rock Paper Scissors.

Please bring:
   Flags for "For Boston with Love" project
   Name tag
   Folding chair

WHAT WE'LL BE DOING  (Besides Show and Tell, of course!)

Since we've been in existence for a year in June, we will be starting the discussion of where our guild will go from here. 

This month we'll be talking about the leadership team - what positions we need and who might be willing and able to fill those positions. Unfortunately Rayna will be out of town for this meeting, but she and Aleeda were able to meet and discuss some options about the team makeup and the process which Aleeda will present. Please come prepared to discuss your ideas! The leadership team will probably be finalized at the June meeting.

Aleeda will also be giving us information about our guild's possible membership in the National Modern Quilt Guild. We don't have to make that decision right now, but we need to start thinking about this for the future since there is a deadline.

In addition, Rayna is developing a survey to find out what kinds of activities we'd like to do in the future. She hopes that will be ready within 2 weeks or so. If you want your voice to be heard, it is important that you complete the survey as soon as possible when it is available. The goal will be that the survey results will be available for discussion by our June meeting. The survey and discussion will be used by the leadership team in developing plans for the coming year.

Sounds exciting!


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