Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More meeting news and notes re dues

Hi everyone -

I hope you've come through Sandy safely. I've been very lucky so far but my heart goes out to those who were less fortunate.

November meeting: Thurs, 11/15/12. I believe this is the meeting when Linda Lum DeBono will be presenting. If I'm wrong about the meeting, someone please let us all know! Check out her web site: http://www.lindalumdebono.com/

December meeting: Changed from Thurs, 12/20/12 to Thurs, 12/13/12.

I'm having so much fun working on the block from the Scrap Bag Exchange! The block should be 10 1/2" when done, and is due at the December meeting. The storm has given me some unexpected quality quilting time!

I agree totally with Rayna that the October meeting was very exciting, with lots of terrific program ideas and plans discussed! For example, Beth spoke briefly about one possibility for a guild/small group challenge: the 1,000,000 Pillows Challenge project (see allpeoplequilt.com).

Finally, Since the group voted for membership dues, we now have an "official" membership list which so far lists only those who were at the October meeting and have either paid or committed to pay the dues.

If you were not at the meeting and wish to become a member, you can either email me (peggy.kelleher@gmail.com) with your name, phone # and email address or just sign up at any meeting. I will be sending out an updated list to all members after each meeting.

The dues will be used for various things: batting and backing for quilts made by the group or small groups, programs, membership cards, etc. At this point, dues can only be paid either in cash (preferred) or by check made out to "Cash". Rayna will be handling the money and I will maintain the list. If paying the dues is a hardship for you, please just tell Rayna and they will be waived. Of course, this will be totally confidential.

Stay safe - and see you all next month!


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