Thursday, December 20, 2012

Post Dec. meeting catch-up

Hi Everyone,

Jessica and Margy have volunteered to take notes at our meetings and between the two of them, alternate posting to the blog afterwards. That way, if you missed the meeting you'll know what went on and if you need reminders of what we did, they will be here.  In the meantime, I am posting because I don't want to bother them right before Christmas. 

A wonderful collection of fabrics came from Michael Mille, courtesy of the national MQG and they sent enough for 28 members to have a pile of fat quarters, which I spent a couple of days tearing and putting together.  Madrona Road is the collection and Michael Miller sent us 7 of the 12 fabrics in the blue collection (worth almost $23 each bundle of fat quarters you received).
Since it is up to each guild to decide what to do with it, we decided that each of you should have the fabric as a gift. The challenge is to see how creative you can be in making a quilted item with it. 

You can make a quilt, a quilted bag, a couple of pillows - whatever you want.  But it needs to be quilted and is due at the February meeting.  The only rule of this MQG challenge is that you can only add either  Michael Miller solids (which Beth has in the shop) or the other fabrics from this collection, available on line at various vendors.  Most of us opted for the solids for a more modern look but you can also use the other colorway (pinks and oranges, I think).

We will take photos to send to Michael Miller and post on the MQG flickr website.  

Sixteen bundles were given out at the meeting. I left the other 12 with Beth and the first dozen of you who stop at Rock Paper Scissors to pick up your bundle, will be able to participate in this challenge. Please leave your name with Beth so we know who has the bundles.

Here are a couple of show & tells -- Jessica with her Modern solids quilt and Sue with her very modern Modern Quilt -- both from the newbies class at Rock Paper Scissors. These don't look like Newbie quilts to me!

I spent the day attempting to clean up/organize my sewing room.  ARGH - don't ask!  Still not done, but a lot better.

This afternoon, I finally got around to wrestling the giant roll of batting out of the carton and rolling some of it out on my hallway floor.  Good grief, it is big.  I plan to cut some pieces to fit the two charity quilts that have been sitting in my sewing room and hopefully get them to the shop for the January meeting.  

I won't be at the meeting - I will be in Arizona that week, teaching Print Original Cloth-Create Original Quilts, as will Peggy.   But I hope that some of you will plan to get together on a Sunday afternoon, sew a backing together, and start stitching. 

Finally, the first four (Jan-April) meetings will be on the 4th Thursday instead of the 3rd Thursday. Beth either has a class on the 3rd Thursday or will not be here. In Feb, she and Aleeda will be at QuiltCon so we can look for an exciting report and lots of info at the March meeting.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year and please post and participate in this blog!
hugs to all,

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  1. Those two show and tell quilts are gorgeous, especially the second one!! LOVE it! Thanks for the report on the meeting. Do you know if there are still bundles at RPS for pickup? I will be in the area in the next few days and would love to work on a project for the February meeting.


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