Tuesday, June 18, 2013

National MQG membership voting results, Meeting reminder, Nominations for Leadership Team

The Guild voted overwhelmingly to join the national MQG!  

Remember - in May our Guild voted that everyone is welcome in our Guild! We’ll continue to be "inclusionary" and supportive to all members, allowing members to define “modern” for themselves. Getting organized doesn't mean we can’t still be relaxed and easy-going - and have fun!

Here is the official tally of the vote for membership in the national MQG as reported by Margaret Hayter (thanks, Margaret!):

27   YES
1     NO

      Thursday, 6/20/13, 7:00 PM at Rock, Paper, Scissors
       Remember to bring a folding chair if you have one

It is now time to assemble a new Leadership Team, consisting of 5 positions:  President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Program Coordinator. All  are 1 year terms.  Note that 2 people may share the responsibilities for any one position.


Self-nominations for leadership team positions should be made NOW via email to Aleeda - see the email I sent to all members this evening (6/18/13) for Aleeda's email address and what to put in the subject line. Note that 2 people may nominate themselves to share the responsibilities for any one position.

Each nominee must be present at the June meeting, prepared to speak to the membership for a few minutes. 

Voting will take place online between the June and July meetings, with the transition to the elected leadership team in July. More specifics about position responsibilities, future direction of the Guild, voting specifics and deadlines, how to determine new membership count, etc. will be decided at Thursday's meeting. Aleeda will also present us with the results of the online survey.

Come Thursday and celebrate our 1 year anniversary - exciting times for our Guild!


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