Saturday, July 6, 2013

It's Time for the (Real) NJ Fair

Hi All:

August 2nd - 11th marks the 2013 NJ State Fair, for more detailed information you can go here.  This is an agriculture fair operated by the Sussex County Farm & Horse Show Association, Inc.
For $2.00 per person entry fee, you can enter in canning (Section I), baking (Section II) and crafts (Section III).  The craft category included the wonderful world of quilting.

Style Categories Include: (either small  - 40” – 279” perimeter or large - 280” perimeter and up) -- Hand or Machine Pieced  -- Hand Quilted  -- Made by one person -- Civil War Reproduction Theme Quilt -- Quilts of Valor**-- Whole Cloth -- Yoyos -- Appliqué

Quilts can be: 
  1. Hand or machine pieced
  2. Hand or machine quilted
  3. Made by one person
  4. Made by two or more quilters
  5. Class Quilt/Young Quilters
*All quilts MUST have 4”rod pocket*

*All quilts MUST arrive in a pillow case with entrants name written on outside.*

In addition to ribbons that the juried quilts/quilters may win, there will also be a  

chosen by fair visitors voting during the 2013 NJ State Fair  
and an 
chosen by quilt judges. 

**Quilts of Valor will not be returned to the quilter, they will be donated to a US soldier.

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