Sunday, June 24, 2012

Another "Unguild" is Born!

Rayna did a great recap, so this is just my two cents. Hooray to those, who, out of interest, curiosity, or plain boredom, showed up to support the new chapter. Rayna and I loved our NY chapter so much that we wanted to build a group with that vibe across the river, and for the first meeting I'd say we succeeded. Beth Rowan's store, Rock, Paper, Scissors, offered an inspirational and intimate setting, and the meeting provided time to mingle and shop. We shared ideas and group goals, and many people came and said "thank you". I say back at ya, and we look forward to our journey together. As you make those 'Lonely Crayon' collaboration blocks, post them! I'd like to make a request for next month's meeting. Please make a name tag of your own design and share it during show and tell. Your name tag will give you a chance to win a special prize next month. A reminder email of our next meeting will be sent prior to our next meeting on July 19. We'd like the group to start thinking about a logo for the guild that we can use on the membership cards, too! I'll post pics later today.


  1. My lonely crayon block is done. Hehe.... Maybe the fastest i have ever finished my homework. And how do you want us to post them? Should we blog on our blogs about them and then link back here? I loved the unguild guild and am so excited to be part of this dynamic group of talented women.

    1. Way to go Amy! Please post a pic of your block plus the link to your blog.

  2. You're ahead of me. I'm still trying to decide which was the loneliest in my box.


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