Friday, June 22, 2012

Zowie! First NNJ meeting a hit!

Thursday night the North Jersey MQG met for the first time and had a great time!  Somewhere between 40 and 50 people showed up (I stopped counting) and the enthusiasm was universal!

Our members range in age from new moms to grandmothers, in experience from total newbies to professionals who teach and exhibit, and in styles from traditional (but open-minded) to modern and art quilters.  What a dynamic mix! We can share information and learn from each other.

 Beth Rowan, owner of Rock Paper Scissors in Montclair welcomed us and was as excited as everyone else that we will meet there on the third Thursday of every month.

We were packed to capacity, so here is the story on membership.  If you responded that you wanted to join but said you were not able to make last night's meeting, you are a member.  If you were there last night, you are a member.  But at this time, we are not taking new members because we don't have space.

If you missed last night's meeting, here are just a few of the show and tell pieces that my camera was able to capture. Debbie Krajkowski volunteered to be the photographer after she saw me with my iPhone - LOL. We promise more and better photos next time.


And here are a few important things you will want to know.

- The next two meetings are July 19 and Aug 16.  Put these dates on your calendar.
- We are making a collaborative quilt to represent our guild at QUILTCON, the first Modern Quilting Guild Conference in Austin, TX next February.  This is voluntary, but we would love you to make a block to contribute to the quilt.  The block is due at the August 16 meeting, although if you finish it earlier, bring it to the July meeting. You can also drop it off at Rock Paper Scissors.
  • SIZE: your choice of  10.5" x 10.5" square or 5.5" x 10.5" rectangle.
  • 3 COLORS: the color you like the least or hardly ever/never use + the color of your choice + white.
  • Your choice of solids, prints, hand-dyes,as long as the colors meet the specs above. White must be solid white. (Kona white is good and the shop carries it).
  • Block pattern - whatever you feel like making. Traditional, funky, modern, free-form, any technique - as long as you meet the size and color parameters. Challenge yourself and just have fun with it!
- Bring something to show/tell or share: a book you like, a quilting tool you love/hate/can't figure out how to use, work in progress or finished (feel free to ask for feedback if you're stuck), or any question you have about a technique.  Somebody will be sure to have the answer.

- If you want to bring munchies to leave in the back room for the second part of the meeting - purely voluntary, but most welcome.

- Finally - this blog is our newsletter.  Please comment so we know you were here, and if you want to become an author and post whenever you feel like it or have something to share between meetings, let us know.

hugs and thanks from Aleeda and Rayna   


  1. Great job on the first meeting! Looking forward to more.

    1. Thanks, Sue. Everybody contributed, which is what will continue to make it special. Good to see you, as always.

  2. I had a great time. Thanks for getting it started.


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