Wednesday, June 6, 2012

a visit to the NY Metro MQG

I belong to the NY Metro Modern chapter, now in its third year, I think. Time flies, so I'm not sure...but I joined at the beginning, when there were 8 or 10 members.  Today the group has been closed at 60 because of meeting space limitations. Wow! The group meets every other month and there were about 40 members there on Saturday.

It's an active and friendly group - young mothers with babies, grandmothers, and all ages in between - plus a few men.  We come from NJ, Westchester, and at least 3 boroughs, and it's great!  I was happy to see old friends and meet new ones. There were so many of us that it was hard to get pictures, but I did take a couple.

This group quilt was fabulous and was so large I couldn't get the whole thing.  Hexagonal!  NY Metro makes charity quilts and at each meeting, members bring blocks to contribute, usually with a theme.
This month, the challenge was to make any kind of star block using orange and blue.  There was a great variety of patterns and they should make a beautiful quilt.
  Here is Victoria Findlay-Wolfe holding up one of her quilts -- drop-dead gorgeous.
This was on Victoria's wall - improvised and "modern."
Looking forward to a great start to the North Jersey Modern!  Bring your thoughts and ideas and something to share if you'd like!

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