Monday, September 24, 2012

Lonely crayon blocks

On Sunday, four of us gathered at Rock Paper Scissors, Lonely Crayon blocks in hand, prepared to do something with them.  We had a great afternoon, and the results were entirely different than we had anticipated.

We laid out all of the blocks and it became obvious that there were vast differences in color and style to such a degree that there was no way to make a cohesive quilt no matter what we did, how we arranged the blocks, or what color we tried to pull it together with. 

While the original intent was to send it to QuiltCon, this would not be anything close to a modern quilt, despite the use of white in most of the blocks. So...the put-it-together committee decided that we should plan ahead for next year and think differently about the parameters if we are going to submit a quilt to QuiltCon.

Meantime, we had a collection of 35 or so blocks. So - we decided to divide up the blocks that would work together and use 24 of them to make two terrific charity quilts for children.  What fun!  Once we got started, we put together the puzzle pieces, trimmed them all to the same size, picked out sashing and border colors, and  cut/sewed.

Margy contemplating the arrangement.

Peggy about to sew.
These looked so contemporary together that we decided they didn't want sashing -- just a border.
We auditioned a bunch of fabrics and decided to be playful with the border. Here's Courtney, slicing away.
                                           Isn't this fun? It will look fabulous once it's backed and quilted!

The other quilt will have sashing; Margy took it home to finish the top, but here are the blocks laid out.

We'll bring the tops to the October 18th meeting and will need fabric for backing.  Along with your scrap bags, if you have any yards, half-or quarter yards you want to donate for backing, we'd be delighted.

Honestly, the whole collaborative project was so much fun and the afternoon just flew!  The four of us got to know each other and it was a great bonding experience.  We'll talk about it in October.  See you then!


  1. I agree with Rayna, it was great fun - both the company and the excitement when we saw that the design was turning out so "happy". Can't you picture some little kids just loving them! It did my heart good....

    Unfortunately we didn't have quite enough blocks for a 3rd top. Rayna is holding onto the extra blocks and we'll make a 3rd top when we accumulate a few more.

    By the way, today's "Quilting Daily" blog had great things to say about Rayna! Here's the link for anyone who may want to check it out:

    1. Thanks, Peggy - I'll post the link again:-).


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