Thursday, September 13, 2012

September miscellaneous

Hi everybody,

Reminder for those who missed the last meeting: next meeting is Thursday, Sept 20th.

A few other things...
  • If you have redone a UFO block, please bring it.  We're collecting them for a future charity quilt. 
  • Kelli Puryear is spearheading the QuiltCon charity project -- which will happen we we receive the 7 leftover QuiltCon blocks we signed up for.  If you want to add yourself to the group who is contributing extra blocks and helping on this, let her know at the meeting or email her so she can put you on the list.
  • If you want some ideas and a gorgeous eyeful of modern blocks, go to the MQG site  or the QuiltCon Block Challenge Flickr site and scroll down to see all the incredible and varied blocks they have received as entries for the QuiltCon quilt.  The link to the MQG blog is on our sidebar, just to make it easy.    
  • If you have a book or tool to share, or something you want to get rid of (like magazines, UFOs or (heaven forbid) fabric or blocks you are tired of, why not bring it here to exchange?? It is amazing what somebody else can do with your old, tired, "what was I thinking?" stuff! Maybe even we could have a group challenge using your unwanted stuff:-)  Or - use your rejects in a charity quilt.  Hoarders - here's your chance to start cleaning up! LOL
Look what you can do with reject blocks and a little bit of spare fabric!

Looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday night next week, Sept 20.

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